Transplant To Transform

Transplant To Transform

In today’s arena everyone wants to refill their life and want to have BEAUTIFUL Persona. So For not only the individual call, HAIR TRANSPLANT is the society’s NEED & REQUIREMENT.

The basic concept of Hair Transplant starts with the “People &Society” facing hair related issues or those who want to preserve their youth for as many years as they want.



hiar fall 8 points 1


  •   The basic cause of hair loss is genetic. In fact heredity accounts for 95% of all the causes of alopecia (Baldness).
  •   In some cases unusual high levels of vitamin drugs also cause the hair line to recede.
  •   In many cases of women, childbirth also can cause hair fall issues.
  •   Skin infections and disorders may cause hair fall problem and then can lead to baldness.
  •   Physical trauma also causes the frontal hair line to recede.


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  •   Naturalness with Natural looking Hair
  •   Permanent & Life Time Hair Growth
  •   Definite and Assumed Results
  •   Safe , Affordable & conveniently done procedure
  •   Increased Density and Volume of Hair
  •   Pain free-Minimally Invasive
  •   Faster Recovery Lesser Downtime Period
  •   Restored self esteem and Confidence



The hair transplant is an optimal option for restoring your own hairline and gets your hair back in the hair loss affected areas with a permanent and relatively an easy HAIR TRANSPLANT procedure.

Hair Transplantation is not a deep surgical activity. It is concerned with only upper skin layer of the skull, keeping the personalised care on the top priority level.
Basically Hair Transplantation can be understood by 3 Steps :



hair_loss grade

The preliminary steps starts from the day where hair transplant session begins ,here the person meets the surgical team personally along with it completion of further formalities of consent forms takes place. After the detailed counselling the pre operative images are taken in order to monitor the post transplantation results,

NOTE: All clinic photos are 100% private and secure-only available to you and clinic.
Then the surgeon reconfirms the patient’s specific goals and reviews all artistic considerations including:

  •   Patients Evaluation about what the patient is thinking, feeling and wanting about his/her restoration.
  •   Knowing about patient’s family history regarding hair loss
  •   The patient’s current hair loss grade
  •   The previous hair restoration treatment history (if taken any)

After all the planning and consultation if the hair transplantation turns out to be the best solution for you, the actual hair restoration starts.



The complete review of transplantation procedure can be sum up in few steps:hair_line.png-2

  • The patient is firstly set to a comfort zone and may be allowed to listen to music.
  • The donor area i.e. the fringe of hairs on back & sides of scalp, known to be dominant donors are resistant to fall and grow continuously throughout the life.
  • The hair to be transplanted are selected from this portion and transplanted to area of baldness. It is marked, trimmed and taped to allow access for strip harvesting.
  • Frontal hair line is also marked according to facial features the hair line designing is done.
  • Techniques like NUFUE, NUFUT or NUBIO Fibre techniques are adopted according to the need of the situation.
  • Local anaesthesia is given to numb the donor area and the harvesting is done like in FUT strip of hair bearing scalp is instilled & In FUE/DHT individual follicular units are harvested.
  • The transplant of these hairs to the bald area doesn’t changes their original characteristic to grow till old age.




   Post car steps are is taken after having the hair transplantation is done. Like:

  •       When to shower and use shampoos.
  •       For how long hair cut is not allowed
  •      Check up of the hair growth after few regular time intervals.
  •      Monitoring of the progress within a due course of time.



  • Nubello provides individualized or personalized treatment &ensures personal attention.
  • The hair expertise of our clinic ensures the satisfactory results as expected in the ultra defined hair transplant surgicl methods and smile for which he trusted the clinic.
  • We offer consultation and discussions with our renowned surgeons so as to help patients make the optimal decision regarding hair transplant for them.
  • We offer hair restoration technique for not only the head hair but also for the eyebrows, beard or moustache portion.
  • We take your hair problems as passionately as the way they have an impact in your life.
  • Its easy to get the hair on desired part of your body.