Nubello is offering a wide variety of hair transplant services that would help you in having natural hair line and hair regrowth.




Aloepecia attacks the hair follicles directly .Hence Nubello facilitates the remedy for hair loss trouble.


Hair Regrowth

The normal hair regrowth cycle lasts for 2 to 8 yrs depending on the care it is been


Hair Dandruff

Hair dandruff being one of the prime causes of hair fall is also treated in clinic Nubello .


Hair Loss

At Nubello everyone can avail the proven benefits and researched hair loss or hair fall solutions.



With the Nubello’s ultra defined bio fiber technique it is possible to restore the aesthetic hair results for both males and females.


Ultra Refined PRP

PRP therapy is now been practiced by more experienced surgeons so as to regain the natural thickening of hair.


Ultra Refined FUE

Nubello has come up with the III generation FUE technique for restoring the receding hair line.


Ultra Refined FUT

Nubello has become a leading authority which makes use of internationally accepted ultra refined FUT technique.


Success Stories

These are few success stories among-st the collection that our patients have shared with us. Their story expressed through our channel.

  • Hair Regrowth

  • PRP Therapy

  • Ultra Refined Fut

    I was facing baldness since 6 months and when i saw Nubello in my searches i emailed them. I got the response from them and i visited the

  • Hair Regrowth/

    Nubello is a great clinic with the unbeatable team of Skilled cosmetic surgeons. My reason for choosing Nubello as a solution to my Hair

  • Ultra Refined Fue

    For about a year or so, I noticed progressive loss of hair on my crown and my hairline was receding and getting thinner. And soon i turne

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When to go for Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure where hair is surgically implanted on the head. You can opt for this pr

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Hair Transplant

Why You Should Choose Hair Transplant Over Hair Weaving /Fixing

Hair is Considered as priceless gift

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10 reasons for Hair Transplant

  • Natural Hair
  • Permanent Hair Growth
  • Definite results
  • Increase Densit

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About Us

Nubello clinic is formed by a crew of well learned and erudite aestheticians and cosmetic practitioners that believe in transfiguring your semblance.

Nubello Techniques

Nubello makes use of Non surgical Mesotherapy PRP along with the Blend of ultra refined FUE FUT and reconstruction of the Hairline taking in account the natural regrowth pattern.

Why Nubello?

Nubello is offering III generation hair transplant techniques. It facilitates Platform for all the cosmetic problems. More than 60 therapies to choose only under one Shelter. AAD Certified Surgeons.

Nubello Services

Male hair transplant : Ultra refined FUE & FUT
Female hair loss treatment
Eyebrow Hair Transplant
Bio Fiber Techniques
Body/ Facial Hair Transplant
Non Surgical PRP therapy
Hair Restoration

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